How to turn on monetization on youtube?

Recent time, vilas network receives a lot of questions related to how to turn on monetization on youtube. This can say that a lot of people are interested in earning money with youtube.

Respond to questions on this article.

Youtube monetization eligibility conditions

This is the first element you need to make sure when you wanna monetize youtube. You sign in to your youtube channel, into creator studio, select channel/channel

Here, you' ll see your monetization box in "conditional” or "unconditional". You must satisfy these two conditions to enable monetization on youtube

Achieved at least 4, 000 hours in 12 months

Channels have at least 1000 subcribers

Steps to enable monetization on youtube
1.Read and approve the youtube partner program terms

Vilas network provides you with some monetization policies from youtube below.

Community guidelines

You must comply with youtube' s community guidelines, if you violate this channel, your channel will not enable monetization. Community guidelines apply to your entire video include:


Content, harmful, illegal trade, gambling

Behavior, hate speech

Copyright policy

When using images or sounds, you're not composed of, or owners, find

the user licenses on youtube.

Youtube copyright divides many different types including:


Song, sound


Games onlines, computer software

Google adsense monetization policy

Google adsense guidelines you need to comply:

Content policy: no violation of illegal content, intellectual property abuse, – content that covers dishonest behavior,

Duplicate content: to get youtube browsing, create each video individually, avoid duplication.

Review the entire video content on your channel that matches youtube' s monetization policies. If you detect inappropriate videos, remove it so that it doesn' t affect the channel.

access youtube studio, select the monetization tab, tap start to agree to the youtube monetization terms.

2. register your youtube adsense account

Adsense account is the account that youtube will deliver ads on your video. From there, you' ll receive money from youtube through the cost of your ad views.

If you had an existing adsense account, just link to the youtube channel. If not, you need to create an adsense account. The implementation is very simple, just fill out your information and wait for reviewed.

However, you can also redeem your google adsense accounts to link to your youtube channel!

3. waiting for youtube to review

After the steps above are made, apply for a subscription to your monetization, your channel will be included in the approved youttube waiting list. Normally, if your channel meets all monetization requirements, you' ll get results after 1 – 2 months.

Earning money from youtube, you need to create content and bring value to viewers. Hope with information in the post, you can enable monetization on youtube. hope you succeed with vilas network!

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