Removing common mistakes when doing business online

Nowadays, with just one phone with internet connection, you can buy anything you want, from food to clothes, houseware, cosmetics, ... Online business has become trend in the current technology era.

However, not everyone is successful when selling online. With Vilas Network, check out common mistakes you need to avoid to be successful in this field!

1. Just want to sell without solving the problem for the customer

The most common mistake when doing business online is that you only focus on selling. Selling goods and making a lot of profit is probably what we all want when we do business. However, if you only focus on profit, promoting the product without really solving the problem for the customer will prevent you from closing the order.

Try to serve, understand and solve the problems that customers encounter. Because that is how you persuade customers to choose your product or service. Sharing, listening and serving customers is the first factor you need to do well when you want to sell successfully!

2. Be dishonest when advertise products

In information technology era, consumers have become much wiser. When you only focus on advertised products with "divine" uses, you will leave you customers.

You should introduce products that you have a firm grasp of strengths and weaknesses, suitable for whom, how to use them effectively, ... Thus, you can both sell goods and help customers choose the right product. well suited.

3. Not interested in the customer experience

Customer experience is one of the deciding factors for them to come back to buy from you next time. Many people make this third mistake and keep customers from coming back.

Many sellers, after successfully persuading to buy, they don't care how the product is used by the customer, satisfied or not, if there is any problem, ... If you do that, the customer will feel disrespected and will turn your back on your product.

4. Don't spend time to learn

Do you understand why in this online business "marketplace", many people succeed but also many fail? That's because you won't be able to make a successful online business without the knowledge and understanding.

So, spend time to learn important information to know when doing business such as: knowledge of Online Marketing, Sale skills, business background, customer care, ...

Do not let the above mistakes make you fail when you do business online. Hopefully, through the article, Vilas Network has provided you with the most useful news. Remember to visit the Vilas Network website regularly to update important knowledge.
Good luck!

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