Digital marketing and development process

In the context of the social shopping boom, the entrepreneurs can' t ignore digital marketing. It' s even replacing traditional marketing channels. The digital marketing process and development of digital marketing below will help you better understand this type of marketing. 


What is digital marketing? 

Digital Marketing is roughly translated as digital marketing. There are many definitions of different definitions of it, you need to note some important content: the internet - based marketing form and digital technology to marketing products and services, access to customers in digital environments and with customers. 

Digital marketing history 

Digital marketing was born with the advent of the internet. From the 2000s in the early 21st century, with the internet' s growing strength globally, big web systems such as networks and forums have changed deeply to look at the marketing method of businesses. Marketing is based on a large web system and a large search system such as google and yahoo has started for digital marketing, whether it' s just a game of some information technology business or individual seoer. 

Digital marketing development process 

1. The years 2007 - 2010:

Google reaffirms its No. 1 position in the internet advertising rights game when yahoo is increasingly frustrated and gradually becomes weak in the network world.The face of Digital Marketing is still just familiar names: Google's advertising network, websites with Seoers, major newspapers and forum systems. The face of Digital Marketing is still just familiar names: Google's advertising network, websites with Seoers, major newspapers and forum systems. At the end of this period facebook appeared but did not leave much impression.

2. Period from 2010 - 2014:

When yahoo is officially dead, the ott (over the top - the solution to the user based on the internet) race is born. The surge in the number of facebook users makes the world' s official network vibrate. Google is no longer the main character in all digital marketing signaling games starting to become more diverse. But, the google event captures youtube and claims the number 1 position in ad delivery has made the world continue to change. 

Then facebook has gradually surpassed what is called the firewall to officially become the world' s number one social network. The people who operate in the IT sector also begin to pick up the trend and update technology when continuously forming the types of services at scale and organized. The units called the agency that were born only to serve the advertising online, rather than small or more in the information technology industry as before. Also starting here, the digital marketing term or marketing online is more commonly mentioned and officially becoming a separate service from traditional IT companies. 

The people who operate in the it sector are no longer unique in the game because the digital marketing service companies have been held more and more professionally. The agency phrase becomes popular and is now understood as used to only companies specializing in providing digital marketing services with organized science. 

3. Period 2015 - present:

This is an explosion of the google display network platform / GDN with standard targeting capabilities that exceed the previous stages. On facebook, the social advertising activities have created a massive shift from traditional traditional to digital. Right now, the sแปฑ, the,... marketing training. The strong development of other platforms such as youtube, instagram and the latest tik tok has made the digital marketing market extremely dynamic. 

So, starting from small ads on the website of the enterprise, digital marketing has developed a new and extremely attractive service sector. If you still don' t know how to take advantage of digital marketing to benefit the company, your business, don' t hesitate to contact Vietnam, we're always willing to be with you. 


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