Some Top-Notch Marketing Strategies For Businesses

Marketing strategies are important to any business because it intends to operate business and contribute to the goal of the business. So what are the specific marketing strategies and what are the strategies that help your business to make a difference from the competitor? This article will be your answer! 

  1. What is the marketing strategy

The main marketing strategy is an overall marketing plan of activities that can help increase access to many people during some time and convert them into customers who use the product / service of the business.

In other words, marketing strategy is the way the business performs to achieve marketing goals. The objective includes long - term objectives, measures, methods, paths to that goal. Strategic goals will act as a guide to your business activities over a number of years.

  1. The importance of marketing strategies

- Marketing strategies help businesses solve problems: 

- To determine the competitive market 

- Identify the main customer 

- To locate the company' s products / services and the reason customers should choose the company' s products thereby orienting the competitive strategy.

- Improvements, changes in products, prices, channels, media, ... (marketing mix strategy)

  1. Some Top-notch marketing strategies for businesses:

Currently, there are many applied marketing strategies on the market. In which, six strategies that Vilas Vietnam integrated below are the most prominent names and proven effectively through the success of many businesses. 

3.1. Increase product value

With this strategy, the beneficiaries are the customers. When a new product is launched to the market, to attract customer interest, the enterprise creates a good quality with a lower price than competitors. After that, your competitors lower their prices to compete with your products.

Compared to learning by competitors to continue to reduce the price of these products, now  you need to think about the solution and take actions to increase quality and value the product. That is, the competitor reduces the price, you increase the product’s quality, keep the price unchanged .This will make customers more satisfied when buying. 

If the new technology helps reduce the price of the product, you should add costs to increase the value of the product in order to capture more deeply the competitor's market share.

3.2. Cooperation with other businesses

If you own a small and medium-sized business, this is one of the marketing strategies that you need to note. According to statistics, in Vietnam, small businesses account for 98% of the number of business units. Because of the fast rejection rate, most of these businesses have difficulty, many units struggle to find ways to survive and expect more customers to interest themselves. 

Collaboration with big businesses will help optimize marketing costs, help position brands on the market and search for customers and still ensure business efficiency. In addition, through long - term cooperation and sustainability, small businesses can still develop together to form a strong system, creating a competitive advantage in the market.

3.3. Direct sales

Direct sales is one of the most basic and popular marketing strategies. From the past until now, big or small businesses have also implemented this strategy by meeting customers directly. In addition, provide them with information about products and services through the performance of the feature, uses and operation of that product. This strategy does not cost much but requires the business to have good sales staff so that it can persuade customers to choose its products. 

3.4. Internet marketing/social marketing

This marketing strategy is widely applied because it provides high efficiency for business. Statistics in 2018 show that the number of internet users in Vietnam has reached 64 million, equivalent to 67% of the total population, including the facebook social network. This also shows that the marketing trend associated with the internet through activities on social media channels such as email, web, blog, vlog, ... will strongly develop and become the main trend.

It' s easy to see, the internet marketing / social marketing cost is quite lower than its great performance. The enterprise is easily accessible to every customer in local, domestic and in the world. That leads to the number of visitors to the sales page, and the sale is also increasing. However, you should remember that the most important thing of this strategy is that the content is unique enough and really highlights that it can compete with competition. 

3.5. Care and connection to old customers

You can' t take a customer lightly if you want to enhance the prestige in providing products / services. Taking care of old customers is very thoughtful and always connected to them as a basic marketing strategy and actually effective. Isn' t the cost of keeping customers much cheaper than looking for new customers? 

You can do this through sale programs, gifting gifts, donating vouchers, giving gifts to,.. birthdays, which will help you maintain a relationship and get a large amount of customers. 

3.6. Make use of local media

This is a marketing strategy implemented by both large and small businesses. Show your local authority that your service / product makes sense for the community, helping you to market more across a variety of media channels to gain customer interest with just a low cost level.

Six campaigns are the solutions for you to improve reputation, increase brand value If you have difficulty finding and implementing marketing solutions, don' t be afraid to contact Vilas Vietnam. We are always ready to lead the way and accompany you in making the best marketing and branding strategy!


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