What is email marketing? How to build effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the campaigns to help businesses reach customers effectively. Many people often mistakenly think email is just to use interaction and retain old customers. However, this is also a tool to promote products, services and promotions to potential customers.

To help you get the best overview, Vilas Vietnam will share about email marketing as well as how to build effective email marketing through the article below, let's get started!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of using email (email) containing information about sales, product introduction, marketing to target customers. How to let customers buy goods through the email you send them. Mentioning here, many people will associate with email Spam. However, the obvious difference between them is that email marketing recipients have often been analyzed and thoroughly studied before.

There is a misconception that email marketing is obsolete and that in this day and age, advertising on social media sites is considered a trend. That is the opinion of those who do not fully understand the "benefits" of email marketing.

Specifically, reports indicate that up to 82% of marketers agree that email marketing is the primary strategy for increasing leads and conversion rates. That is partly demonstrated through the benefits that this tool brings:

  • Collect information, find out customer needs
  • Promote the company's products
  • Branding
  • Run marketing ads on Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Selling many of the following products to the same customer
  • Significant cost savings

Some of the most popular types of email marketing

Email sale

This is considered as the most popular email marketing type and used by most businesses today. Simply understood, this is a form of direct selling, using email as a means to reach out and communicate with customers.

Newsletter email

This is a form of using email to send customers information about products, thereby promoting image and sales. Customers who receive newsletter emails are often proactive in providing their information and emails to businesses, which means they have given certain attention to the brand. The difficult problem now is that email newsletters need to meet the expectations of customers.

Welcome email

Usually this will be the first email that businesses send to customers after they have successfully registered on the website with the desire to receive information about products, services or promotions. A basic welcome email will include the customer' s thanks for registering to use the service, login password, company website link, email address to answer questions, how to unsubscribe ...

Transaction email

This type of email is sent to customers when they make a successful transaction related to the product or service of the business. The content of a transaction email will usually guide a customer to purchase a product, notify a service completion or confirm the transaction has been made.

How to build effective email marketing

Step 1: Build a quality email list

To send emails to customers, you' ll need to have a customer email list first. Some ways business, marketer can build data emails, including: 

  • Create a registration form on the website
  • Synthesize existing customer information
  • Ask customers to leave emails for care
  • Buy quality data

Step 2: Build quality email content

Marketing emails determine the goals and directions that are clearly more effective than 90% compared to an email and don' t follow the rules. Therefore, when preparing for a perfect marketing email campaign, it is necessary to focus on content quality in order to get access to customers. 

Step 3: Create a campaign

After having enough "ingredients, it's time you go to the kitchen " to make a perfect campaign. Here are some of the spices that you cannot ignore when creating an email campaign:

  • Determine the target
  • Decide who to send and sync in email
  • Set the preview mode
  • Professional email design

Step 4: Do not abuse too complicated designs

Designing email templates is too complicated and time consuming and ineffective as expected because users will feel confused and annoyed. Your email should look simple, intuitive using lots of images, designs that highlight the points you want them to notice.

Step 5: Monitor and evaluate the performance of the campaign

Some factors that marketers should pay attention to when tracking the performance of an email marketing campaign:

  • Record email statistics to place benchmarks and compare
  • Compare the performance of different campaigns
  • Check other factors: content, location, results ...

Step 6: Review email data

At this point, you need to refine your list to eliminate potential data to save money and time for the following campaigns. Also refresh regularly by adding email addresses of potential customers.

Building an email marketing campaign is not a simple thing to do in the future. However, once the campaign is successful, the marketing effectiveness of the business will be significantly improved. Especially if you are considering building an effective email marketing campaign, please look to Vilas Vietnam for the best solution for your business and your brand!


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