5 steps to get an effective marketing plan

In the era of 4.0 technology, any enterprise or company that launches the product or building a brand requires an online marketing strategy. This is a powerful assistant to reach potential customers quickly.


Online Marketing Plans have many similarities and differences with a traditional marketing plan. Understanding that, Vilas Vietnam will tell you how to make a successful Online Marketing Plan with only five simple steps below.

Goal Setting

To determine the right goal in any plan, you need to understand that is the final destination towards which businesses and effort to achieve. Specifically, in an online marketing plan, target setting is often very diversified in terms of market share, revenue, profits, reputation, brand ...


However, this is also a common goal, which will be measured from specific numbers. Therefore, marketers also needs to have a measurable goal number, such as the number of visitors, the number of interactions, the number of people who seek to consult, the number of app loads…. These numbers must be meet the SMART principle:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time - Bound


Determining the marketing plan goal is as important as building the foundation for a house. Objectives as clearly and in detail, the house will have a solid foundation.

Budget estimate

Once the goal is set up, the marketer will be able to determine who  is the customer object ? The objective and scope of communication? What is the message of transmission? Especially how much?


This is an extremely important step that you cannot ignore because in the implementation process it is easy to get too much or there is a difference between the plan and reality. Each company will have its own formula to determine the total investment budget for online marketing plans a year or month. Defining a budget from the beginning will help businesses see where their strategy will go. From there, choose appropriate and effective tools and methods.

Building an Online Marketing Plan

After identifying two extremely important information, the goal and budget, it' s time for business to build a plan to implement those things quickly and most efficiently. 


In addition, you also need to clearly define in your plan criteria such as: Objectives and time for each stage? How much is the budget for each period (week/ month/ quarter/ year)? The risks can occur as well as the remedy.

Select a deployment tool

Choosing the tools and communication channel to deploy is considered a key part of an online marketing plan. Therefore, we should "favor" to leave it in a separate category for easy analysis and review. Some popular tools today are: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Website marketing, Social Networking, Email...


Depending on your goal and your budget, you can choose the right tool. For example, if you have a new website, advertising on social networks and Google Adwords is considered an urgent solution to help with the fastest orders. However, you also can't just select those two tools from start to finish. SEO website will help you to get a stable number of self-finding visitors. However, it will take at least 5 months or more for SEO to become stable.


Detailed implementation plans for each tool will be built based on the general orientation and the original overview plan. That will ensure the coordination between the selected tools to implement as well as between the personnel parts to achieve the final goal. 

Inspection, measurement and adjustment 

After completing all, it' s time for you to implement your marketing online plan and wait for the first results. However, many often ignore the test, the final evaluation despite the rest of the stages. In particular, measurement will help you control the efficiency that channels bring, and detect bad conditions and fix, timely repair to optimize marketing online. 


One of the familiar tools that marketers regularly uses to test, measure, and adjust an online marketing plan is google analytics. This tool allows you to measure and analyze from basic to deep on the website, clearly and detailed to the date unit. In addition, there are still some channels such as facebook ads, marketing… emails that have a separate reporting system and measurement for business and marketing creators. 

With the above content, perhaps you have some understanding of Online Marketing as well as the steps to create an effective online marketing plan,  in the right direction


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