Online marketing and things to know

Online marketing is considered an inevitable trend of the era when today's life is associated with 4.0 technology. Online marketers, families online marketing. But exactly what it is, not everyone can define it clearly. Understanding that, Vilas Vietnam wants to share with you some general knowledge about online marketing. Hopefully, it will be a useful luggage for you in the coming journey.

Online marketing is based on technology

Online marketing is based on technology

What is online marketing?

As its name suggests, it applies technology tools, electronic methods to conduct market research. Marketers will base on that to make product development strategies, promote through internet media to bring products closer to the fastest target audience. From there, boosting sales efficiency for businesses easily and quickly.

The difference between online marketing and traditional marketing

In general, online marketing and traditional marketing have the same purpose as promoting, marketing products to potential customers. However, these two forms have many differences, as follows: 



Traditional marketing

Online marketing


Using mass media 

Using the internet, digitizing devices


Only at certain times

Anytime, anywhere, can update





It takes a long time for customers to receive information and feedback

Customers respond immediately after receiving information


Cannot select specific audience groups

Can select specific audience groups




Store customer information

Difficult to store

Quick and easy


The most popular online marketing channels today 

Website Marketing

The website is the face of a company on the internet.This is considered as a bridge between business and customers. This is an effective marketing channel to advertise and promote communication

The common solutions used in the marketing website include: optimizing search rankings by SEO tools, advertising on Google, Facebook, forums…, which will be known by many people and access to view or purchase products, products of the enterprise. You can set ads on other websites with large amounts of traffic to attract customers to view information on your website. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is understood as marketing on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Twitter ... Although these tools are based on a simple communication platform, they bring remarkable results. Businesses as well as marketers have more channels to help increase brand awareness, bring their products and services to the community, and keep customers loyal. One of the important objectives of a successful media campaign is that interactions and no tools can do better than social networks.

Search Engine Marketing

 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is known for two most prominent channels, SEO and Google Adwords.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the keyword optimization process of the website to be compatible with the criteria of the search engines. Thereby increasing website rankings on search results pages (the most popular is still Google).
  • Google Adwords is a form of paid advertising. Specifically, websites will set ads through selective keywords for SEO. Then the user will access information that the website provides when searching for related keywords.

 Email Marketing

This is the way to promote products, services using email as a means of media. Email will be sent to potential customers to introduce, donate, advertising or send gratitude... From there, motivating them to buy or use your product.

Email marketing is considered as a tool to build loyalty, brand awareness, and product marketing. At the same time, it helps businesses build images and connection with loyal customers.

Any business or company, whether newly established or long time, needs to introduce its products to users. Therefore, the cost for marketing is very large, it usually accounts for 1-10% of revenue depending on the industry. With traditional marketing methods such as distributing flyers or hanging advertisements, businesses often cannot estimate how much benefit they will bring and how effective it will be. But online marketing is quite the opposite. That is why this is considered the trend of the times.


Vilas Vietnam with the mission of "Raising the Vietnamese brand" is always ready to bring effective online marketing solutions for organizations and businesses on their journey to the sea.


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