The secret effectively combine SEO and content marketing

Content marketing and SEO are an important and indispensable component in any marketing campaign.  Have you ever spent a lot of time investing in quality content with the expectation of high search traffic?  However, all that you get in return is not appreciated by Google, nor can it pull organic traffic

A quality content is content that ranks high in the search results.  That doesn’t mean that your current content isn’t quality, it’s simply you  don’t know how to combine Content marketing and SEO so that it is the most effective.  Vilas Vietnam will help you answer that question partly.

Content marketing and SEO definition

To understand the operating rules as well as the combination between Content marketing and SEO, first you need to understand or define them correctly. These are two terms that are mentioned a lot in sharing articles, digital marketing blog.  However, not everyone can clearly distinguish and understand the true nature of content marketing and SEO.

What is content marketing?

As the name suggests, content marketing is marketing with content.  People still say "Content is King" (Content is king).  This comparison is not an exaggeration at all because content has always been considered the basis of all types of digital marketing campaigns.

One of the factors that search engines always consider first is quality content or not?  If a content marketing is fraught with errors, inconsistencies, or just plain bad, then it's hard for a search engine to optimize or fix that.  That's why investing in content quality is always considered the first and foremost factor.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means search engine optimization.  Specifically SEO is a set of techniques that aim to ensure that website content is displayed to a specific audience that marketers choose as a target.  The goal of SEO is to attract the viewer's attention to the content. Alternatively, a SEO specialist will drive traffic through many natural sources like search engines.

The art of combining Content marketing and SEO

After grasping the definition as well as somewhat understanding the role and of each component.  The time has come for us to learn how to best combine these 2 important ingredients. If comparing the combination of Content Marketing as an art, the person who does it is definitely an artist.  And to become a talented artist, you can not ignore the "tips' that have been summarized below.

Content creation for search engines

People often mistakenly think that a quality content will have to contain a lot of high search terms.  This is not wrong but not entirely true.  Because cramming like that will make the post look unnatural, unintentionally causing a sense of wariness in the target audience.

Instead, you should pay attention to how the search engine in which you post your content.  Then you will find that they tend to find out the content of a blog or page and arrange accordingly. Put simply, search engines divide your content into categories individual subjects.  Therefore, the tighter the content you create, the easier it is for search engines to find the most relevant position.

It's important not forget to use your main keyword in the following elements: URL, H1 headline, page title, and first paragraph. This makes it easier for Google to understand what you need to convey and mean to users.

If you need help finding the right keywords for your site, you can use the Keyword Magic Tool for inspiration. In addition, the On Page SEO Checker tool is a powerful assistant to help analyze and get content ideas if you use them correctly.

Regularly update Content Marketing and SEO content

One of the factors that search engines consider for ranking results is the frequency with which you update new content. This is essential for any blog or website.

Although the role of SEO is to ensure the content is "on top" and to balance the website, you should not be too dependent on it, neglecting frequent content updates.  Newly updated sections show you are not only releasing more content, but also adding more potential topics and keywords.  Factors that are needed to be noticed by search engines and enthusiastically "promoted".

Make the most of Content marketing and SEO

Content marketing and SEO can be a perfect match if you know how to make the most of both of these powerful weapons.  In particular, Content marketing will bring many natural searches, just full of the following elements:

1. Choose a specific, clear, and distinct topic idea

2. Individual words from the key to add content

3. Regularly update existing pages if you want to mention the same topic again

4. Review the first Page to see the content you need to create

5. Optimize the page with keywords

So, it can be seen that Content marketing and SEO are a natural complement to each other. Both are based on the success of your marketing campaign.  It is very difficult to judge which is the other. Or, if you choose only one of the two to focus on, the campaign may not be successful.

However, to combine seamlessly between Content and SEO is really an art, but art is not simple at all.  If you want to succeed when integrating Content marketing with SEO and vice versa, Vilas Vietnam will help you get the best solution!


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