5 important statistics about Youtube cannot be ignored

Known as the biggest video platform today, Youtube is increasingly 'dominating' the Social Media market. Statistics of trends, data about Youtube is an essential job when starting to make money from this platform. Join Vilas Network to learn now 5 important statistics about Youtube!

The world's top popular social media platform

Youtube is becoming a constantly growing social media platform today. With the ability to share videos regularly, and grant fast video access, Youtube is growing at an unexpected rate.

One of the reasons why Youtube holds the leading position in Social Media is due to the level of access. We can share our videos and watch others' videos. Thanks to that activity, each user has contributed greatly to attracting millions of content creators around the world.

Marketers are increasingly focusing on advertising

Youtube is gradually becoming a valuable platform to launch today's advertising strategies. Many branded enterprises have promoted products and successfully approached customers through Youtube.

Therefore, marketers are increasingly exploiting Youtube advertising in a powerful way. According to many studies, marketers say that they get a large number of customers thanks to YouTube videos.

New products are discovered a lot on Youtube

Taking advantage of Youtube to promote products is a very smart choice today. If you are taking your product into a new market, or promoting, you can create an introductory video on Youtube.

Moreover, more and more users tend to learn about the product through videos on Youtube. The visual clarity of the video is the factor that attracts customers to discover the product through Youtube.

Mobile devices dominate YouTube views

Similar to the general trend of online search, mobile views account for more than 70% of total YouTube viewing time.

Besides, through new features and the development of video content of social networks, the level of engagement of videos on mobile devices is dominating YouTube views.

The number of channels earning 10,000 USD per year or more increases by 50%

The number of channels earning 10,000 USD per year has increased by 40%. The amount of income that channels earn is not only based on advertising revenue, but it also comes from many forms of making money on Youtube.

The above figures are good news about the development of the Youtube platform. However, this will be a big difficulty for Youtube content creators because of the high level of competition.

With continuous development, Youtube is an important foundation that you cannot ignore in product and brand development strategies. How to make the most of brand development from this platform is the problem for you. Vilas Network wishes you success!

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