Revealing a great way to increase the search ranking of Website on Google

Is a website found on Google difficult or easy? How to make your website stand out from Google over others? As Google is becoming the place of "thousands of questions" every day, the website business is also becoming more "exciting". The competition for "top" on Google search results has also become equally fierce. Join Vilas Vietnam to find out how to increase the most effective website impressions today.

1.Invest yourself in writing articles for your Website

If we want the Website to be found on Google, the first thing we need to do is to invest in quality articles. We need to "write" the article content on our Website.

It can be divided into 2 categories of content:

+ Articles in the form of descriptions of products & services

+ Articles in the form of sharing useful information & knowledge

Each content, each article we need to invest, create, bring useful value to readers. That way the new article attracts potential customers to read.

Regularly write articles on the Website and combine with your own writing. Over time, the higher the quality of the article, the more likely it is to gain customer trust. Your Website will be more visited by more people, displayed prominently on Google search. And sales and product sales will increase dramatically.

2. For Website to be found on Google don't forget to open Index

Standard SEO Website is a Website configured to allow Google search engines to visit and collect data. Usually, during the website design process we have to turn this configuration off temporarily. To avoid the case, the website is incomplete that Google has crawled.

And design partners sometimes "forget to reopen" this configuration. So when you receive the Website, remember to check whether the Website has been configured for Google Index yet!

Testing configured for Google Index is not very simple with 2 steps as follows:

+ Step 1: Visit Google search engine

+ Step 2: Enter the following keyword search box: site: your website's domain name. Example: site:

Take advantage of social networks to promote Website

It's a pity if you ignore an effective form of website promotion from social networks. This is a very simple form of Marketing, with maximum cost savings compared to other advertising forms.

Create a personal Facebook, Fanpage, Google Plus account on Google and create an account on Linkedin. Then, periodically automatically share the articles of the Website on social networks.

This will help the Website be found on Google faster!

Onpage optimization for Website

On-page optimization is a very important step for Website to be found on Google through keywords.

That optimization includes: page loading speed, images, content quality, ... Onpage optimization will help Google Website appreciate and help increase customer experience.

Run Google Ads or Google Display ads

The fastest solution for websites to be found on Google is to run Google Search Ads or Google Display ads.

However, how to display Website on Google in the long run will cost a lot of your budget. Therefore, you should devote a portion of resources to SEO as a long-term strategy.

Before running the ad, you should write the full article for the landing page, on-page optimization, UX, UI. Creating a quality landing page will help you "deal" with the bid as well as increase conversion rates.

In addition, there are still many ways for the Website to be displayed on Google search. Vilas Vietnam will share in the next post. Try the above methods and get results. Don't forget to leave your questions for Vilas Vietnam in the comments below!

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