USP and the role of USP in branding strategy

Today, customers are overwhelmed by too many brands and they have to consider the options of service products. The difference in the quality of experiencing the main experience is the key factor that helps brands mark in customers.

USP will be the key to helping you do miracles? Find out USP with Vilas VietNam in the article below!

What is “Unique selling point”?

USP is the english abbreviation of the phrase " unique selling point”. In vietnamese, a unique sales point. This marketing concept refers to any factors that help customers identify a product or service of a specific brand. At the same time as a competitive factor, it helps highlight the benefits of that product or service in the consumer eye. From there, usp answered the question " how is your product better and more prominent than your opponent' s product? ”.

In short, usp is a statement that you choose to communicate deeply, to make a difference for your products and brands compared to competitors.

Why is USP important in marketing strategy?

The concept of USP is clearly stating that this is an effective tool that helps you shape marketing strategies for business. Thanks to usp, your marketing goals are focused and consistent. From there, you can build a more unique brand and product than competitor.

You know what' s different from your business' s product with competitors. But if you don' t explicitly notice, or not to promote potential customers, the business won' t own a " đáo” sales point

The unique sales point is an integral part of the enterprise branding strategy. They make a positive impression and help brands become more memorable in the consumer eyes.

How to develop a USP?

The purpose of USP is to answer the question: "why should a prospective customer buy your goods? ".

The number of words in USP doesn' t matter. As long as you take the customer' s desire. And clearly demonstrate commitment to a different product or service.

An attractive usp must be:

+ Determines, but can protect: a particular point of competition with other products or forcing you to lead to a case of rejection, becomes a competition that is more memorable than a common perspective. For example, " We sell high quality products.

+ Focuses on customer reviews: another USP and "unique” will not attract if it is not what your customer cares about.

+ Not only slogans: remember, usp is not a " slogan” (slogan ". However, a straightforward slogan and influence will summarize full USP!

Not necessarily what you sell is unique. But the message that you choose to focus on is that your opponent or customer must be unique!

USP is often grouped into categories: prices, quality, services, speed, choice, convenience, guarantee, flexibility, unique and specialized. Select the core of your commitment to customers and make it.

The best way to understand what make an attractive

Some examples of usp hugely successful

The best way to understand what make an attractive through examples. Here are 5 examples of unique sales points that are done correctly.

Saddleback leather

One of the first things you noticed about the saddleback leather website is their famous slogan: " they will fight to win it when you die

It' s a sentence that immediately conveys the unique value of Saddleback products in the distinctive "sarcasm" tone of the business. I mean, the skin products are well - crafted, so it will outlast its owner. The message also addressed their product warranty for 100 years.


Pipcorn is a great case of a brand using an identity to create their own unique position in the marketplace. By positioning products according to current health-conscious trends. They can create USPs that not only actively attract new customers, but also retail popcorn as a premium product.

Phrases like 'all-natural', 'whole grains' and 'small packages' are printed on their bags and website. They highlight other health benefits like gluten-free, non-GMO and antioxidants. Pipcorn also learns specifically about how healthy their snacks are. Instead of just listing the differences and expecting customers to be interested.

Death wish coffee

A lot of coffee shops and roasted mills claimed to have the " best " coffee or " strongest " on the market. However, death wish coffee has chosen to serve people who need a little more motivation in coffee cups. So they decided to sell the best coffee.

It' s not a way to attract any coffee objects immediately. But the death wish is definitely attracting certain consumer parts and can hardly mimic.

Vietnam hopes through articles, businesses can form a resolute and intentional usp. A USP can quickly answer the question of potential customers when they meet your brand

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