Effective Marketing Solution for Small and Medium company

Marketing is an important key to make steady business steps for enterprises. Depending on the size, each brand will have different marketing directions. Let go with Vilas Vietnam to check out proven marketing solutions for small and medium businesses!

There is no "miracle" marketing strategy.

The first secret that Vilas Vietnam wants to share with business owners who are aiming for online marketing is that there is no "miracle marketing" at all.

The goal of marketing is to connect your business's value with the right customer. Each marketing specialist you outsource will understand the business, understand the customer. That is the base for determining which strategy is viable for your business and which will waste time and budget.

Here are some marketing solutions for small and medium businesses!

Advertising on Facebook

More than 2 million small and medium enterprises have used advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising is an effective way of marketing, helping the company to save time and money.

Facebook advertising is an effective solution because you can set up an advanced target customer file. Facebook allows you to target specific audiences based on location, interests, age, gender, online behavior, and more. Besides, you can also test multiple ad copies to choose a suitable campaign. It allows you to find out the most effective and profitable "advertising formula" without the need for high technical expertise.

If you feel that Facebook is the right channel for your business, Vilas Network recommends using the Adespresso tool. This tool helps you to run your ad campaigns and speed it up to achieve an effective ROI.

Business Rating GMB.

Google Business Ranking (GMB) is one of the best things you can do for your business. This way is even more important when your business aims at local customers. If your business is in the top 3 CPC listings, you can attract a large number of potential customers every day without having to pay a penny on google advertising.

If your business name is unique, your website has a large column on the left side of the search results interface. GMB instantly brings credibility and broad visibility to your business. But most of all, ranking for a GMB list isn't that hard. GMB will ask you to optimize your business profile, collect customer evaluations, and comments.

Google Adwords

There are more than 40,000 searches on Google every second! No advertising channel can help your business to fall into the customer's green eyes much and effectively. Google is the "godfather" of online marketing! If you know how to advertise on Google Adwords, "Huge" revenue is natural for all businesses.

The goal of Google AdWords is to provide relevant search results to users. Let take advantage of this factor, because it helps you to save costs in advertising campaigns than other tools.

Adwords is a convenient marketing channel to be "Symbiotic" with other ones to maximize revenue.

Content marketing

All marketing experts say that content has the biggest impact on business activities. Because it is no coincidence that people say " Contents is King".

Content marketing in the 4.0 era is not limited to all aspects. It can be videos, podcasts, blogs, online counseling courses, and a range of other informational perspectives.

If you are considering marketing content for your business, make sure you have the necessary time and budget! Because today, too many companies are wasting resources to create "trivial" content that is not profitable.

Social Network

Using social networks for business is very popular in the 4.0 era. According to statistics, up to 67% of consumers use social networks to ask and answer questions and find business information. If they cannot find business information on social media, they will reach a competitor that is clearly displayed on the favorite social networking sites.

The real question is not "Should your business create an account on social media?". It's, "How much time and resources do your business invest in increasing its social media audience?" For some businesses, investing in growing social media makes a lot of sense. But some others do not.

The key to success is identifying where your customers are? And how do they want to access it? If social media is the answer to both of those questions, then social media is the perfect marketing solution for your business.

transaction website vouchers

The main purpose of the voucher marketing solution is not sales. When the sale programs are held by enterprises, it will be the opportunity to help customers know more about you.

Many potential customers browse your site even if they haven' t decided to deal. The goal of this marketing solution is to attract people to your store or use the product. The most important thing in this marketing solution is the customer service. Make it a chance to keep your customers.


If your business voucher reaches "attractive", you will have to spend a lot of money to "pay" for discount vouchers. Always be ready to respond and deal with "unexpected" situations when choosing a voucher transaction marketing solution!

Email marketing

An email marketing solution needs a decoy as a "lead magnet". You will do everything possible for customers to access the website of the business. Then you can get their email address. The “decoys” can be free downloads of useful content, free trials of services, conference tickets, coupons ...

Other benefits of email marketing include:

+Low cost

+Unlimited customer range

+Easy automation

+Easy and instant communication

+Easy to monitor and optimize

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