Freelancer - The hottest trend of making money online today

Have you ever thought of telecommuting by the time, place and even the desired level of income? Do not worry too much about "dim" in this field, Vilas Network is about to bring a great news, that you can be 100% proactive with your favorite job. That is Freelancer - the hottest trend of making money today.

Concept, job opportunities from Freelancer career

Freelancer are freelancers, who are not tied to anything about time, space every day. They just need to complete the work according to the agreed deadline with the partner.

When entering this profession, you will work for individuals or organizations in a field where they require high skills and expertise. The work is not of a fixed nature but rather a short-term or individual project.

Job opportunities from Freelancer career

In the world, Freelancer profession has been popular for a long time. However, in Vietnam, Freelancer has only developed in the past 5 years. Since then, opening up job opportunities for millions of people.

Many businesses start to tend to hire outside freelancers to perform the jobs they need. Because the cost that Freelancer employees offer is lower than service companies, businesses can save more time.

On the side of Freelancer profession, a great advantage for you is to offer your services and choose the desired remuneration. Transactions between Freelancer and customers will take place on the internet.

Activities that help you earn money with Freelancer

Here are some activities to help you make money with the Freelancer profession by Vilas Network. Find out which profession you are suitable for!

Writing Content

In the world where content is dubbed "Content is King", writing is an extremely "hot" choice when participating in making money with Freelancer. Nowadays, many businesses need to develop content for their social channels, websites, blogs, ....

Walking around on the job websites of Freelancer, the need to recruit content writers accounts for the highest proportion. If you have passion, writing skills, Content will be an array that gives you a huge amount of money each month.

However, know how to negotiate about the time, quantity and especially the amount of remuneration that is most beneficial to you.


If you are proficient in a language in all of your listening - speaking - reading - writing skills, joining Freelancer in the translation field will be a "left hand job" to help you increase your income significantly.

Translation work often requires the performers to be knowledgeable and "submit" highly specialized skills. Currently, many companies tend to reach the big sea, so the demand for translation increases.

Contacting translation services companies often takes a long time and incurs high costs. Therefore, businesses tend to choose freelancers in this segment.

Website design

The website design market today is very diverse. If you are good at programming and website design but don't want to be tied down, choose Freelancer, taking the project and working from home.

Website is seen as "online store" - another face of all brand businesses. Most of the time, Freelancer hired website designers are often small business units. Therefore, the functional requirements will not be too complicated. You can easily make money as well as increase income by getting more jobs.

Photographer / Designer / Video Maker

As the Digital Marketing platform is growing at a stormy speed, visual content is increasingly focused on its ability to convey effectively. To avoid the boredom of words in the article, pictures - videos will act as an impressive "tipping point" to attract people interested in it.

Therefore, many small companies have a need to hire Freelancer with the requirements of capturing, designing photos, and editing video. If you are proficient in this field, it is not difficult for you to increase your income.

Each job will always have its own requirements, advantages and disadvantages, and so will the Freelancer profession. If you have enough love, determination and right direction, Vilas Network thinks that this will be an opportunity for you to experience a freelance job with a large income.
Good luck!

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