4 things to know about POD - Hot business model today

POD (Print On Demand) is one of the least risky business models if you intend to sell printing-related products with a simple process. Let Vilas Network learn about this MMO form through the article below!


As e-commerce channels are increasingly developing and "taking over" waves in the online shopping market, many forms of business appear, especially POD, which has opened up opportunities to increase income for all subjects.

In the Vietnamese market, with the Vietnamese meaning "printing on demand", POD is the form of printing designs on products such as t-shirts, tote bags, cases, canvas picture, ... at the request of customers with arbitrary quantities.

Why is POD attractive?

In recent years, POD has been evaluated as a "fertile land" in Vietnam market when it becomes a form of MMO that brings income to millions of people.

According to Vilas Network, POD is attracted by:

✔ POD's products are mostly designer products, so dealers are not afraid of inventory issues

✔ The nature is designed so the competitive rate is not high

✔ Not much cost for customer care, freight

✔ High profits from business

Where is POD's source of goods?

Although not too pressure on business costs as well as other activities, to challenge POD, you need to find quality tradesman. Vilas Network thinks that you should find out information carefully before choosing manufacturers or tradesman of products.

Vilas Network would like to introduce to you a number of tradesman specializing in POD fields such as: Prinful, Lulu Xpress, Pro Prints, Merch Amazon, Merchify, TeeSpring, Heat Press Fun, Fine Art America, ... you can consult

Besides, if there are "workmanship" in design, this will be a great advantage for doing business on POD platforms. Or not, you can hire a Designer and at this point, you are just focusing on finding customers and how to sell.

What skills are needed?

When doing business, equipping the necessary skills will help you to easily integrate, facilitate and avoid possible risks. The same with business base on POD.

So, what skills do you need to choose a POD? Vilas Network "attendance" has some indispensable elements below:

✔ Knowledge of Photoshop, AI,

✔ High creativity, learning spirit

✔ Select suppliers to meet the requirements

✔ Choose a “fertile” operating market

✔ Marketing and product promotion

They are important information that Vilas Network provides you regarding issues you need to know when doing business on POD platform. Please find out carefully before entering the "war".
Good luck !

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