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When the technology coverage of the social life of social life, communication channels - the increasing amount of entertainment. Most businesses are looking for directions to attract audiences, raise market share for their communication channels.

Ownership of highly skilled personnel in media - entertainment, Vilas vietnam with you:

✔️ builds a food channel system, short film systems to promote brands for business.

✔️ builds professional gaming teams, helping publishers promote new game titles.

1. Culinary Blog

Living healthy every day, Discovering, Delicious Recipes, Inspiring, ... Vilas Kitchen cuisine blog also help you broaden your horizon about cuisine, healthy food, delicious recipes.

2. Youtube channel

Young Kitchen - Not only share recipes, but it also keep peaceful moments by the kitchen. On this channel, there is a friend who have many special dish.Each dish has passion . This is the sharing, inspiring for all of us after stressful study and hard working hours.

3. Fanpage channel

Fanpage is a place where it share kitchen place, the delicious food, culinary knowledge, inspire you in uncertain days . This small corner always has positive energy to help you comfortable and relaxing!

4. Group Addiction Owner

Young Kitchen aim to create a community saved among kitchen lovers. It is a space to learn, love to cook and cook in general. We can share experiences in choosing ingredients, preserving, buying tools, ... for the kitchen! Inspiring positive living together through the theme of cooking.


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Founded in 2015, Vilas Vietnam has an ecosystem stretching from North to South of Vietnam. We have a major in a number of outstanding fields - Marketing; Real Estate & Construction; Information Technology & Communication



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