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Starting the new year full of energy workday

After the Lunar new year holiday, the Vilaser returned to normal job with excitement, serious.

Year end party 2020: look back on passed the journey, ready to make a breakthrough

Joining the air to welcome the spring of Tan Suu 2021, Vilas Vietnam collective had an emotional night of Gala Year End Party at Muong Thanh Grand Hotel.

Close the Vilas Moments journey, we have more memorable memories

The emotional journey of Vilas Moments temporarily closes with the award ceremony at the Year End Party of Vilas Vietnam and the owners of the three highest prize was found

Year end party - party of joy and engagement

Year end party is Vilas Vietnam' s annual event. This is an opportunity for all Vilasers to look back at a year' s journey ; record the contributions of collectives, individuals, and send thanks to our valued shareholders, partners and customers.This year events occurred on January 30, 2021.

Vilas moments - A place to keep beautiful memori

As a special way for Vilaser to save memories and feelings with the company, colleagues and customers, Vilas Vietnam officially started the Vilas Moment Photo contest. This is an opportunity for all members to look back at our growing path when coming to Vilas Vietnam House!


There are always interesting things to say about Vilas Vietnam meetings. The culture of speech, contributing ideas is probably the highlight of the vilaser more excited than ever.

Happy lunch - modern corporate beauty

It's over, the business meals that are associated with restaurants, bento and street vendors. Office workers now know how to make their lunch more enjoyable. It is not just an ordinary meal but has become a typical culture built by many businesses, including Vilas Vietnam. If you do not believe, you can "raid" into the dining room for a "happy lunch" of the Vilaser.

Vilas Vietnam: five years of development and future outlines

Established in 2015, Vilas Vietnam has built a brand leader in its operation. The relentless persistence of the team's leadership and the staff has steered the Villas VietNam ship.

Break all limits with the Vilas Vietnam Marketing team

On the afternoon of November 6th 2020, the Vilas Vietnam Marketing Department had a meeting to evaluate the work in October and implement the November targets. The spirits of all members have dissipated the usual tension in the meetings.

Attachment from trips

In any team or organization, solidarity is always an important thing. If orientation and strategy are like the compass of a ship, the spirit of solidarity is the energy so that the ship can go as fast and as far as possible.


Information about the central domain suffering losses of natural disasters becomes the focal point in the past days. With the air all the country, in on October 27th 2020, the love bus with the central overcome natural disasters which Vilas Vietnam' s representative reached


We appreciate the reputation, professionalism and diligence with Partners, Customers

About us

Founded in 2015, Vilas Vietnam has an ecosystem stretching from North to South of Vietnam. We have a major in a number of outstanding fields - Marketing; Real Estate & Construction; Information Technology & Communication



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