Overview Of Vilas Vietnam

Vilas Vietnam was established in 2015, possessing an ecosystem stretching from North to South. During the journey to the big sea, Vilas Vietnam is constantly innovating, looking for optimal solutions to bring the best quality products and services. It is also the affirmation of the stature of a Vietnamese brand with strong transformations through each period. Currently, Vilas Vietnam operates 5 branches in the value chain with operations across the country. We are on the way to building and covering our brands in the fields of: Media and Entertainment, Online Solutions for Business, Online Business, Online Business Training.


- With customers: We take the customer as the focus, committed to bringing the best quality products and services with all responsibility, expertise and credibility

- With employees: Human resource training comprehensive development of experience and competitive skills. We are committed to sustainable values, a clear development roadmap, from which every employee is proud of working at the company.

- With the community: Our development goes hand in hand with the development of society, the benefits of the community, and the global trend.


To become a leading Vietnamese brand in the field of Marketing Communication and Entertainment, oriented to expand the Vilas ecosystem in a number of Marketing fields; Real Estate & Construction; Social network; from there, to be confident to integrate with other countries in the region in particular and the world in general.

Core Values

- Professionalism in all internal operations & customers

- Aspiration to rise

- Respect for the interests of both parties

- Reputation in ensuring the business secrets of partners

- Sincerely

Road of developement

From a 'new boy', Vilas Vietnam currently has a team of 120 employees. The aspiration of "Raising the Vietnamese people" motivates us to develop our human resources in both quantity and quality in the future. Each employee is trained, trained in skills, is a piece of building a strong Vilas Vietnam brand.

With a long-term development strategy, Vilas Vietnam currently has 5 branches in 5 major cities: Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Quang Nam, Hanoi. In the near future, we will develop and expand on:

The field of activity:

- Marketing Communication

- Consulting business solutions Real Estate

- Designing civil construction


- Providing Online solutions for Enterprises

- Building corporate brand identity

- Real Estate & Construction consulting

- Training human resources for IT & Communication

The people of Vilas Vietnam

For vilas vietnam, human resources are valuable assets for the company' s prosperity. Now, most of the human resources of Vilas Vietnam are highly skilled engineers, engineers, and experienced engineers.

The collective personnel of Vilas Vietnam together with a goal, the same beat to the construction of vietnam is strong, worthy of the desire to " improve vietnamese people ".

We're proud of the management team, who led the Vilas Vietnam to move the vilas. The beauty of the vilas vietnam is shown

- Collective spirit

- Negative, hard work

- Creative and dynamic

- Relentless learning

- Responsibility and professional

We're a collective and we' ll go further in the future!


We appreciate the reputation, professionalism and diligence with Partners, Customers

About us

Founded in 2015, Vilas Vietnam has an ecosystem stretching from North to South of Vietnam. We have a major in a number of outstanding fields - Marketing; Real Estate & Construction; Information Technology & Communication



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20 Thanh Thai, Khue Trung, Cam Le, Da Nang